Golden Bull Awards

Golden Bull Awards

Celebration of Leadership Awards

Tuesday, April 22, 2014,MSC Ballroom

The Golden Bull Award is one of USF's highest honors given annually to undergraduate and graduate students who encompass the spirit of USF and have demonstrated its values. Recipients must exemplify exceptional leadership and service to the University and the community. Each year up to 20 deserving students will receive the award.

The University of South Florida is dedicated to excellence and the Golden Bull recipients embrace and epitomize the following values of the institution:

Student Affairs supports these values through programs, services, and activities that enhance the student's out of classroom experience and recognizes students through this award that have lived these values during their tenure at USF.


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2013 Recipients

Congratulations to the twenty exemplary students who were awarded with the 2013 Golden Bull award.


Photo of Anson Angail

Anson Angail

"Because of my USF experiences, I know I am destined to make a difference in the lives of others through public and philanthropic service."

Photo of Mary Babcock

Mary Babcock

"My most treasured lesson learned at USF has been to think of others before yourself, and to fear nothing."

Photo of Alicia Billington

Alicia Billington

"My most treasured lesson learned at USF has been that one person can make a difference. You just can't take no for an answer, you just have to keep a smile on your face and not give up."

Photo of Falon Blessing

Falon Blessing

"While at USF, I have been realizing the incredible energy generated by the human soul on fire; it truly is the most powerful force on earth."

Photo of Jillian Donohue

Jillian Donohue

"From my time at USF, I will never forget to appreciate the opportunities, celebrations, relationships, and even shortcomings in my life. There is good to be found in every situation."

Photo Not Available

Ayesha Farooq

"I will never forget that diversity on campus was indeed a commodity that can and should be used to broaden one's horizons."

Photo of Gina Ferrara

Gina Ferrara

"Because of my USF experiences, I know I am destined to find success in challenging situations no matter where life takes me."

Photo of Brian Goff

Brian Goff

"Because of my USF experiences, I know I am destined to lead and inspire others to become more involved, not only with their university, but also with their community."

Photo of Danielle Grams

Danielle Grams

"My most treasured lesson learned at USF is that I cannot do everything alone. I learned early on that if I want to make an impact, I must rely on and work with others to make a difference."

Photo Not Available

Stephanie Howard

"Because of my USF experiences, I know I am destined to carry the values of a Bull for the rest of my life. I will remain confident, humble, caring, and bold, taking these skills to my career and also at home where I will eventually be raising a few little Bulls of my own."

Photo of Jacob Jenkins

Jacob Jenkins

"My most treasured lesson learned at USF has been... the value of relationships and collaboration, and the importance of working with others toward a mutually beneficial goal."

Photo of Bionqua Lynch

Bionqua Lynch

"I will never forget the people I have met. I have met people from various countries with diverse cultural backgrounds. What I loved most about meeting them was seeing what life is like from their perspectives. It has helped me to become a more open minded person."

Photo of Oscar Merino

Oscar Merino

"From my time at USF, I will never forget how much I have grown thanks to this university: I graduate as a very different person from the freshman that came in four years ago."

Photo of Randell Nairn

Randell Nairn

"My most treasured lesson learned at USF has been to stay true to myself even if that means creating my own path."

Photo of George Papadeas

George Papadeas

"From my time at USF, I will never forget the people who have helped me along in my journey, and I know because of my experiences, I am destined to lead by example."

Photo of Sarah Pollei

Sarah Pollei

"Because of my USF experiences, I know I am destined to be a source of encouragement and positivity for the people around me, regardless of where my life may take me."

Photo Not Available

Lauren Richardson

"My most treasured lesson learned at USF has been that a better world is possible and that it exists as long as people are daring enough to believe in it."

Photo of Brandon Schuster

Brandon Schuster

"I have learned to take advantage of every single opportunity and experience that comes my way because it only makes me stronger. You get out of it what you put into it."

Photo of Melissa Stewart

Melissa Stewart

"I will never forget how important it is to make an impact; to do everything with heart and meaning behind it. People can look-up a title, but people will be more likely to remember you when they see your passion and the love you put into the things you do."

Photo of May Thach

May Thach

"I have learned to take opportunities by the horns. You need to go out there and expose yourself to the endless amounts of opportunities and make the most of your time as a student. There may be ups and downs, but the best part of it all is that there is always something for you to learn from it!"