Golden Bull Awards

Golden Bull Awards


The Golden Bull Award is one of USF's highest honors given annually to undergraduate and graduate students who encompass the spirit of USF and have demonstrated its values. Recipients must exemplify exceptional leadership and service to the University and the community. Each year up to 20 deserving students will receive the award.

The University of South Florida is dedicated to excellence and the Golden Bull recipients embrace and epitomize the following values of the institution:

Student Affairs supports these values through programs, services, and activities that enhance the student's out of classroom experience and recognizes students through this award that have lived these values during their tenure at USF.


2015 Award Application Process

Interested in applying for a 2015 award?


2014 Recipients

Congratulations to the twelve exemplary students who were awarded with the 2014 Golden Bull award.


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Kristen Blinne


Photo of Devon Ross Dittelberger

Devon Ross Dittelberger


Photo Not Available

Katelynn Leal


Photo of Sinhye Lee

Sinhye Lee


Photo of Sandra L. Pettit

Sandra L. Pettit


Photo of Hiram Rios

Hiram Rios


Photo of Jordan See

Jordan See


Photo of Lazaro Ernesto Silva

Lazaro Ernesto Silva


Photo of Stephen M. Strenges

Stephen M. Strenges


Photo of Brittany Taylor

Brittany Taylor


Photo of Kari Truong

Kari Truong


Photo of William Warmke

William Warmke